Online Film Course

June 8, 2021 -

This lifetime membership online course is over 100 hours of film making tutorials and may be the best value for your money.  It is one of the most advanced film making courses online that is in the affordable price range.  You only have to pay once for lifetime membership. 

The course covers 26 different topics in film making.  A few examples are camera, lenses, lighting, audio, vfx, cinematic weddings, product photography, and so much more.  If you were to take this course at a film school or university, they would definitely charge several thousand dollars per year.  The course is taught by professionals with many years of experience in the movie making industry.  The 100 hour course covers everything you need to know about film making.  The videos are easy to watch and you can easily watch several hours of videos per day.  If you have an interest in professional film making and cinematography, I highly recommend this course.


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