Shop Policies

Returns and Exchange Details

At Studio Mint LLC we are fully committed to our customer's satisfaction and want you to truly enjoy our products. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase please email us right away. We will accept returns on a case by case basis within 14 days of receipt of purchase for exchange or credit only. We reserve the right to decline the return request if there is not just cause. We regret that travel sizes, trial sizes, and promotional items may not be returned. We cannot process any returns without first being contacted.

Shipping Policies

We use a variety of vendors and most will ship within one to two weeks.  A very few will take longer than 2 weeks.  If a problem occurs with your order, please contact us as soon as possible.


Maximum Orders

We can not ship orders over 300 dollars to new customers.  We reserve the right to refuse an order.  If we or our vendors refuse an order, your money will be refunded.


Shipping From the US

Our US vendors can only ship to areas in the US and Canada because the shipping rates are very high.  A one pound item can cost over $50 to ship internationally from the US, while that same product will only cost $5 to ship from China.  This is due to international regulations on US products.

Shipping From China

Some of the vendors are located in China and so the shipping in this case will take 3 or 4 weeks for the item to arrive.  Our Chinese vendors can ship a variety of products at a reasonable price.  Chinese vendors can ship products around the world at very low shipping rates.  If your product does not arrive, please let us know using the contact link and we will fix the situation as soon as possible.

International Shipping

Some of the vendors we use do not ship to certain foreign countries.  This is due to unreliable postal systems in a few countries.  We will refund your money if our vendor is not allowed to ship to your country.