Wild Boars in the Bee Gardens

Nov. 21, 2023 - The other day while tending to the bee yards, a family of about 10 wild boar decided to watch me from the distance.  Initially I had no idea that I was being watched because I was busy taking care of a...

Beef Master Cattle

Oct. 8, 2023 - When it comes to cattle breeds that excel in both meat production and adaptability, the Beefmaster cattle breed stands out as a remarkable choice. Often referred to as the "Mama Cow" of the beef industry, Beefmasters are renowned for their exceptional...

History of Soap

March 19, 2023 - The history of soap dates back to ancient civilizations, where people used a variety of natural substances to clean their skin and clothing. The ancient Egyptians, for example, used a mixture of animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to create...

Online Film Course

June 8, 2021 - This lifetime membership online course is over 100 hours of film making tutorials and may be the best value for your money.  It is one of the most advanced film making courses online that is in the affordable price range.  You...

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