Finding Paypal's Preapproved Payments link 2021

June 8, 2021 -

Every day thousands of PayPal purchases are made.  What some companies are starting to do is activate a PayPal Subscription or pre-approved payment each time you purchase an item.  A few years ago there would be a warning that you are signing up for a subscription service on PayPal and that you can be charged monthly, yearly or even daily fee by that company.   In addition to that, PayPal is making it harder and harder to find the pre-approved link on its website.  Every few months it moves to a different location.  The other day I searched for the PayPal Subscriptions for three hours on the PayPal site and on the internet but I couldn't find it.  Sometimes you find an old article showing you how to find that hidden link, but when you try it, it no-longer works. 
Today I received an email saying that I made a 100 dollar payment to a company.  I didn't recall making that purchase and so I searched on PayPal to find out what happened.  Then only did I realize that it was from some company that I purchased an item on and they set up a preapproved payment plan without my knowledge.  To keep a long story short, here is the link to find your pre approved payment plans that you may or may not have signed up for:


When you click that link, you will be surprised to how many PayPal subscription lists you have been added to without your knowledge.
It is not just countries in far away places that do this.  The other day I purchased some landscaping fabric from Home Depot, and when I checked the PayPal subscription link, I was added to a Home Depot active payment plan.


Hopefully this article helped. 

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